The United Lyric World Government (aka Lyric World Government, United World Government, or simply as the World Government) is the planetary supreme ruling superpower and only sovereign nation on the planet Lyra.


The United Lyric World Government (World Government for short) is the supreme ruling power that exists on Lyra, and is governed by an intricate system and ruled by the most zealous Lyrics. This system is divided into several groups or powers which consists of several aristocratic families who operate in the Lyric Court of Nobles, a chamber run by the Lyric High Counsel, twelve presiding World Judges and the Lyric Royal Family. Although the Royal Family technically holds the highest ranking authority and power in the world, it is the Counsel that runs the World Government and thus the world on a day to day basis; while the Royal Family is seen more as a figure head for the citizens. The Royal Family leaves the Counsel to attending and running the Government while they focus on their own luxurious lives. Attending elite status universities, upholding their traditions and raising their heirs to ensure their customs are continued. This has allowed the Counsel to pass many laws whether or not the Royal Family was aware of them and allows them to exercise a sense of power that nearly rivals that of the Royal Family itself.

Although the World Government ensures global peace and prosperity, it does so by limiting the freedoms of its citizens, often emphasizing the unity, stability, and sustainability of the system above independent uniqueness, social rights, justice, or equality.  The World Government holds a strong monopoly over the advanced technologies of the Old Kingdoms, and it is through this power that it is able to maintain control over the world.

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