The Dread Pirates (aka the Army of Seeve Roberts) is the name of the army that follows the legendary and elusive vigilante known as the Dread Pirate Seeve Roberts. The group is comprised of disgruntled citizens, criminals, outlaws, gangs, militias, vigilantes, ex-knights and other undesirables. 


The Dread Pirates are notorious for their lack of fear of the United World Government and for being one of the few groups with enough fire power to resist Lyric rule. 

Though the Dread Pirates have been known to pillage and plunder, they also have assisted other minorities in resisting the United World Government. Either by sabotaging their plans, destroying factories, disabling their systems or even stealing their technology. Thus, gaining some favor and protection from the minority races. Despite the United World Government's efforts, they have never been able to locate the headquarters of the Dread Pirates. They seemly appear and disappear out of thin air and so many believe the rumors that the crew travels by an otherwordly Ghost Ship.

The Dread Pirates willingly lay down their lives for their comrades and even have made daring rescue operations to save them from executions and imprisonment from the United World Government, as they have a massive amount of fire power at their disposal. The Dread Pirates prize the ancient technology, artifacts and weapons as a means of protecting their freedom and independance from Lyric rule. They're one of the few groups to have accumulated a substantial amount of these technological wonders, the first being the United World Government and the other being the Azure Eye.


The Dread Pirates were founded and created by Seeve Roberts himself, whose unofficial title became the title of the group. As the group adheres to total and complete anarchy they have no official ranking order or system, and thus do not have a "Captain". The most skilled and powerful warrior is the leader of the group. Since it's formation all have feared and respected Seeve and he's rarely had anyone challenge his position. 


  • The Dread Pirates seem to have drawn some inspiration from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean series as they seem to enjoy the life of piracy and anarchy, but are not entirely evil or villainous.
  • The Dread Pirates seem to draw inspiration from Leiji Matsumoto's Captain Harlock, an animated film and series that also happens to be about futuristic pirates, who reside upon a "Ghost ship".
  • The Dread Pirates title is a reference to the Dread Pirate Roberts, from William Goldman's The Princess Bride.
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