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The Azure Eye Insignia

The Azure Eye is a militant rebel group in opposition to the World Government, lead by Notre Fate. The group is comprised of diverse members of every race who fight with the ultimate goal of dissolving the World Government. The Azure Eye is in favor of a new system of democratic governments consisting of individual sovereign nations; using the Old Kingdoms as a reference for this concept. The Azure Eye is especially concerned with abolishing social inequality, believing that all races, even the Notre, should have equal rights and representation. They desperately seek to help all Notre and call them to their cause. Many Notre in fact, see them as a beacon of hope, but are too afraid of the World Government to make an effective stand against them. The Azure Eye desperately organizes Notre and lost technology to build militant power against the World Government. The Azure Eye has committed countless acts of treason and tends to be violent. The World Government, and the general population regard the Azure Eye as a terrorist organization.