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The Legendary Beamsword Starcalibur

Starcalibur is a legendary Beamsword made famous from the fable "Blade of the Stars". Believed by most to only exist in legend, it is said that whoever wields this blade is destined to become the rightful ruler of Planet Lyra The entire sword is composed of extremely dense hard-light energy from another dimension and is effectively impermeable to all damage. It strikes with explosive force that is disproportionately superior to the amount of force it's user exerts, seemingly defying the laws of physics to create new energy out of nothingness. Starcalibur is also able to project powerful beams of energy that can disintegrate many solid objects.  



Powers & Abilities


  • Starcalibur is based off of King Arthur's legendary sword Excalibur. 
  • Starcalibur shares the same name as ZAO MiST, land South, and Secret Sign's game called StarCalibur; an arcade style space combat game that takes the player to the 24th century. 
  • is in the De Lux Theme Deck 
  • Art is by Yamerpro 


Game Use

Element: Light

Property: Normal

Function: Starcalibur is an attack.

Rating: Attack 4 inflicts 4 damage to the target.

Effects: Starcalibur penetrates all defenses. If the user is Eron, change the rating of this attack to infinity.