Star Crystal

A Star Crystal.

Star Crystals
 (aka "Stars") are mysterious objects that occasionally fall from the sky and crash onto the surface of Lyra. Stars contain mysterious energy, known as Starlight, which can be harnessed for magic or used to revitalize and power advanced technologies. Left alone, Star Crystals radiate Starlight, unleashing unpredictable chaotic effects into their surroundings, such as rapid mutation, gravitational fluxes, and countless other anomalies. When exposed to some form of instruction, such as writings, code, runes, spoken language, or even raw willpower, Stars respond to and act upon such instruction. In simplest terms, Stars are believed to be power sources capable of transforming the conceptual into the actual, changing information into actions.

Although Star Crystals seem to contain unfathomable power, each Star's energy output is finite and seems to be relative to the physical size of each crystal. Larger Stars tend to radiate stronger Starlight, resulting in extreme environmental distortions and have the most potential for running complex powerful scripts. Smaller Stars have more limited Starlight distortion and may only be suitable for actualizing simple, singular commands. Stars range in size from extremely small sand-like granules known as Stardust, to the house-sized Magnum Star kept in the Mindful Citadel and used to power the entire capital city of Crown. The most common Star Crystals are about the size of a fist.

The true nature and origin of Star Crystals is a popular subject of debate. Cultural tradition, reinforced by the Beautiful Citadel, leads most common citizens and mages to believe that Stars are magical, spiritual, and miraculous. Scientists, well-educated citizens, and the Mindful Citadel instead insist that Stars present some yet unknown but natural science. The World Government utilizes the contrasting perspectives of the Beautiful and Mindful citadels towards its efforts towards advancing Star Crystal knowledge.

The control of Stars is synonymous with power and freedom, and so the World Government claims a legal right of ownership over any and all discovered stars. Many pirates, treasure hunters, and rebel groups earnestly seek Stars as a means of gaining power against the World Government.

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