Sacred Chords are a metaphysical concept in the Galatune series created by Adam Wik. The term "Sacred Chords" is used to explain the great transcendental supposition design of the Great Magnum Opus. Sacred Chords are spiritual mathematical constructs supporting and guiding the physical laws of reality. The cords function as spiritual threads woven throughout reality, anchoring the fundamental physical forces of the universe. It is the function of the Sacred Chords to maintain the integrity of a physical universe, while tying each universe to other connecting universes and bonding all physical reality into a cohesive multiverse anchored to the spiritual realm. The Sacred Chords are a fundamental creation of the Composer and in part contribute to the guidance of destiny. The Sacred Chords are largely beyond the comprehension of mortal beings, however some entities of profound intelligence (such as King and Notre Lux) can manipulate the chords somewhat through intense contemplation of complex metaphysical mathematics.

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