Proto is a minor character in the Galatune series. Proto is a nanobot collective functioning as a single composite entity.  Nanobots are an oddity of ancient technology that seem to have a sort of parasitic relationship with other technology. About as common on Lyra as the average housefly, these insect-like machines survive and replicate by siphoning minuscule amounts of energy, data, and physical components from larger machines. Typically solitary constructs, in rare cases dangerous nanobot swarms have formed and plagued cities, but most are short-lived. In one famous disaster a particularly large nanobot swarm ravaged Zinnober, reducing the once technologically advanced village to mere ruins. In the wake of this devastation, the nanobot swarm condensed the resources it gathered into a singular being –calling itself "Proto".  Proto's mind is an artificial intelligence formed from the collective data of Zinnober. 


Proto's form represents a rough approximation of the physical averages calculated from Zinnober's social profiles, taking the appearance of an average adult human male of typical height and build. His face is sculpted with a simulated flesh for a more human appearance, but his body remains un-coated to allow for functional dispersion and absorption of nanobot swarms. His attire is likewise formed from a nanobot composite simulating the look and feel of fabric, and is able to change colors and styles for any occasion.


Proto's artificial intelligence is an amalgamation of data taken from Zinnober. As such, his personality is unstable and inconsistent. He shifts between and combines several personalities recorded from social profiles as he searches to define his unique self.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Nano Integration: Proto is able to absorb and integrate technological devices and data into himself, merging them with his collective
  • Nanobot Dispersion: Proto can disintegrate portions of his body, releasing parts of his form as remote-controlled nanobot swarms. However, doing so reduces his physical strength, processing power, and data access, posing a significant risk should dispersed nanobots fail to reintegrate back into the host unit.

  • Remote Control: Proto can take control of technological devices by dispersing a portion of his nanobots to posses foreign technology. However any remotely controlled device must remain within a 1 mile radius of Proto or else risk losing signal.
  • Super Speed: Proto operates with movement speeds comparable to those of the standard World Guard unit.
  • Super Strength: Proto's physical strength far surpasses that of humans and lyrics, and falls just short of the strength of the standard World Guard unit


  • Proto was inspired by Clint Plants, one of the backers for the Galatune card game Kickstarter in Aug 2016
  • Proto takes his name from the Proto Build Bar in Dayton, Ohio, where the Galatune Kickstarter Launch Party was held. Proto's age is a reference to the age of the Proto Buld Bar at the time that this character was created. 


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