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Notre Virtus (Birth name Don Hughes) is a minor character in the Galatune series. Notre Virtus is widely known as the 'Vigilante of the Sands'. Virtus's parents were star-crossed lovers who escaped to a Lagartan village in Rhyme to avoid persecution. Because of the region's unique magnetic sandstorms, Rhyme was far from the reach of the World Government and a natural safe haven for fugitives of all kinds. Here, even his mixed family could live in the open. However, Virtus's childhood was anything but peaceful. His village was on the outskirts of pirate territory and faced countless attacks from gangs, looters and criminals. When Virtus was twelve, his mother was attacked by bounty hunters. Thankfully, his Notre Curse of Strength manifested and he was able to defend his mother and chase the bounty hunters out of their town. From that day fourth, he became a beacon of hope, in the lawless region of Rhyme.


He has brown hair and blue eyes.

Notre Virtus wears light brown pants, a yellow button up shirt with thin stripes, a poncho that is mainly red with one black stripe along the shoulders, dark brown shoes, brown cowboy hat with a v pin, two brown belts, and a black wristband.


Weapons & Abilities


  • Notre Virtus was the ninth Fan-Inspired Character to be revealed for Galatune.
  • Notre Virtus was inspired by Don Wik, Adam Wik's uncle and one of the backers for the Galatune card game Kickstarter in Aug. 2016.
  • Notre Virtus was inspired by Fran Striker, and George W. Trendle's Lone Ranger, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster and DC Comic's Superman and Ralph Bakshi, Paul Terry and 20th Century Fox's Mighty Mouse.
  • Notre Virtus actually had controversy over his appearance in his first drafts. Originally Notre Virtus was to hold a revolver pistol; in his left hand. However, this greatly offended Don who holds strong belief's against guns and demanded a new draft; resulting in the "V" sign for peace and victory.
  • The term "Notre" is used as a derogatory title before a given name, to describe and distinguish Notre from other people. Similar to how Knights receive honorific titles such as "Sir" before their name.
  • Unlike most Notre who hold designated titles instead of names, "Don Hughes" is a birth name.
  • Notre Virtus's real name is "Don Hughes" despite this, he is widely known as Notre Virtus, and the World Government refuses to acknowledge him by his birth name; believing that even accepting something as small as name recognition would be seen as a victory for the Azure Eye.