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Notre Valkyrie (Birth name Calypso Harpsichord) is a minor character in the Galatune series. Notre Valkyrie is the daughter of the esteemed martial artists Lady Lorene Harpsichord of the Mindful Citadel. Valkyrie's mother and her husband Sir Oratorio raised Valkyrie as an apprentice and heir to the Harpsichord legacy, until she began to manifest strange powers. This culminated at her 8th birthday in which it was discovered that Valkyrie wasn't the Lyric daughter of Sir Oratorio at all, but rather a cursed Notre. Fearing for her daughter's safety, Valkyrie's mother smuggled her out of the Citadel and entrusted her care to a kind Human blacksmith. Thanks to these efforts, Valkyrie was able to conceal her true identity from the World Government and enjoyed a peaceful childhood, raised by her new "Papi". However, Valkyrie's mother was later found guilty as a Notre sympathizer and agent of the Azure Eye. Currently, Notre Valkyrie lives on the run, pursued by both the World Government (who discovered her whereabouts presumably through torturing her mother) and the Azure Eye; who seeks to use her great Notre powers for their own purposes.



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  • Notre Valkyrie was the fourth Fan-Inspired Character to be revealed for Galatune.
  • Notre Valkyrie was inspired by the Galatune card game illustrator and online artist known as Yamerpro.
  • Notre Valkyrie was inspired by the mythological valkyrie's of Norse mythology and by Blizzard entertainments Mercy from Overwatch.
  • According to Yamerpro, Mercy was one of her favorite characters from Blizzard entertainments.
  • The term "Notre" is used as a derogatory title before a given name, to describe and distinguish Notre from other people. Similar to how Knights receive honorific titles such as "Sir" before their name.
  • Unlike most Notre who hold designated titles instead of names, "Calypso Harpsichord" is a birth name.
  • Notre Valkyrie's real name is "Calypso Harpsichord" despite this, she is widely known as Notre Valkyrie, and the World Government refuses to acknowledge her by her birth name; believing that even accepting something as small as name recognition would be seen as a victory for the Azure Eye.