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Notre Cocoa (Birth name Julia Crescendo) is a minor character in the Galatune series. Notre Cocoa's parents were both brave comrades in the United Lyric World Government's army. During their military operations they grew to respect each other despite their racial difference which ultimately culminated into an attraction. Cocoa's life would never be a joyous one. Her father sacrificed himself during the quelling of a rebellion, in order to buy time for her mother to escape. However, this was in vain as Cocoa's mother suffered grievous wounds and soon died after escaping from the battlefield itself. Although medics were unable to save her life, they were able to save her unborn child by performing a caesarean section. How she escaped from the World Government remains a mystery, but she has inherited her mothers small fortune and works to support herself by running a bakery - famous for the best cupcakes on Lyra. Unbeknownst to her customers is, that the secret to her success is her Notre power: Curse of Confection - which she uses to transform innocent people into delicious chocolates.


Notre Cocoa has long dark purple hair and blue eyes. She wears a black gown with a keyhole neckline and a black thin black armband.


Weapons & Abilities

Double Headed Trident


  • Notre Cocoa was the eighth Fan-Inspired Character to be revealed for Galatune.
  • Notre Cocoa was inspired by Julie Marie, one of the backers for the Galatune card game Kickstarter in Aug. 2016.
  • Notre Cocoa was inspired by Julie's personality and appearance itself: from her love of baking and her purple hair dye.
  • The term "Notre" is used as a derogatory title before a given name, to describe and distinguish Notre from other people. Similar to how Knights receive honorific titles such as "Sir" before their name.
  • Unlike most Notre who hold designated titles instead of names, "Julia Crescendo" is a birth name.
  • Notre Cocoa's real name is "Julia Crescendo" despite this, she is widely known as Notre Cocoa, and the World Government refuses to acknowledge her by her birth name; believing that even accepting something as small as name recognition would be seen as a victory for the Azure Eye.