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Myke Row is a minor character in the Galatune series. Myke Row is a Human genius blacksmith and weaponsmith, and is widely known as the 'Blade Prodigy'. When Myke was seven years old, his father trained him in the family business of blacksmithing and weapon forging. One fateful day, the Captain of the Lyric Knights purchased a unique spear from his family's store, unaware that the weapon had been created by Myke himself. The Captain later returned to the shop raving that the spear was one of the most impressive weapons that he'd ever wielded. Myke's father proudly revealed to the Captain that it was in fact, Myke who secretly engineered the spear and created the shop's bests weapons. Thanks to the Captains referral, Myke would go on to study weapon engineering and crafting with some of the most brilliant minds of Crown City. Many warriors swear that Myke's blades are the finest in all of Lyra, and his weapons are widely sought after.



Weapons & Abilities


  • Myke Row was the fifth Fan-Inspired Character to be revealed for Galatune.
  • Myke Row was inspired by Mike Rowe, one of the backers for the Galatune card game Kickstarter in Aug. 2016
  • Myke Row was inspired by Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed, as well as Bill Finger, Bob Kane and D.C. Comic's Batman.
  • According to Mike, Assassin's Creed is his favorite video game series, and Batman is his favorite superhero.