Royal Crest

The Lyric Royal Family Crest.

The Lyric Royal Family is the Lyric family of aristocrats that rule over all of Lyra and are the figure heads for the United Lyric World Government. Their Queen (sometimes referred to as the Matriarch) is the supreme ruling official of all of Lyra; and her full title is the Queen of Lyra. Though the Queen technically holds the highest rank of the Lyric Court and holds the greatest authority on the planet, she is seen as the pride of the people rather than a true ruler. 


The Lyirc Royal Family is the most powerful and influential family and individuals on the planet Lyra. and are the true rulers over the world. Though the family has absolute and total power over the World Government they seldom interfere with the government and the daily lives of its citizens. The true governing body of Lyra is in fact organized by the Lyric High Counsel. While the Lyric Royal Family rules over the planet, it is the Counsel who is the true ruler over the World Government. 

The Lyric Royal Family however, is seen as the pinnacle of perfection for all Lyrics and admired greatly by most citizens of the planet. As they are beyond beautiful even among Lyric terms and also are seen as the pinnacle of tradition, ceremony, courtly conduct, chivalry, courage, and prestige. The Royal Family is ruled by the mother or Queen, who is often referred as the Matriarch. While the King acts as the head of the Lyric military and is very well respected, he ranks second to the Queen, who is considered an moral leader to the people. The Royal Family is ruled by the Queen, and is succeeded by the eldest daughter.

When the eldest princess becomes of age, an event is held in her honor that will decide the next King for the new Queen known as the Lovers Masquerade. The siblings and other children of the Royal Family eventually are married off into the Lyric Court of Nobles, and become strong supporters of the Royal Family. Men in Lyric society take the last name of their wives when marrying, and so the new King takes the royal last name of "Crown", and denounces his former life, glory and pursuits.

The Royal Family

The current Royal Family members consists of the Queen and and her twelve daughters, the King having died long ago. The following is a list of the Royal Family and the Princesses in order of their birth:

  • Queen of Lyra Sopranna Crown
  • King of Lyra Troche Crown (deceased)
  • Princess of Lyra Violeta Crown
  • Princess Caesura Crown
  • Princess Elegy Crown
  • Princess Dulsica Crown
  • Princess Sonneta Crown
  • Princess Chalumeau Crown
  • Princess Iambi Crown
  • Princess Bassette Crown
  • Princess Ophicleide Crown
  • Princess Benevlise Crown
  • Princess Cella Crown
  • Princess Synaesthesia Crown


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