The Lyric High Counsel is the Counsel of Lyric aristocrats who live in the Lawful Citadel and are charged with managing the Twelve World Judge units.


The Lyric High Counsel was once the agency of highest authority in Lyra, operating as a sovereign power that would regulate all law on the planet. However, after the recovery of the Twelve World Judge units, the Lyric High Counsel delegated all of its authority to the Twelve. Now, law and order is maintained entirely by the Twelve, as the High Counsel serves only to guide the morality of the amoral Judges. Station as a member of the High Counsel since became more of a symbolic role of honor, achievement, and authority.

The Lyric Counsel members obtain their position of power through harsh rigorous work.  Many have obtained their position through self-sacrifices, bringing plentiful offerings, completing harsh trials and showing extreme chivalry. Proving their worth and their devotion in the process. To produce a Counsel member in fact takes several life times and generations. Even after a family has gone above and beyond the call of duty, they are not awarded this esteem privilege and honor. Only when a Lyric family is able to climb the social and class ladders, prove their zealous love of the World Government and their loyalty to the Royal Family, are they even considered for this great honor.

Those that have gained this power and authority throughout the generations have their family names forever etched into Lyra's history and are regarded with reverence and respect. This is due to the fact that despite all the odds, they were able to overcome many obstacles, class barriers, noble ranks and reach the top of the entire World Government. This has given rise to the Counsel members having a harsh, cruel and cold demeanor to others, especially those who are less fortunate then themselves. Many of the Counsel members believe that the other races don't honestly try or work hard, and that the alleged "social issues" that they bring to the Counsel, could be resolved by themselves. This stems from the attitude and belief that by working hard, one is capable of reaching any goal. The Counsel members have even greater esteem and social authority than the Lyric Court, and are second only to the Royal Family.

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