Galatune is a concept found within the Galatune series created by Adam Wik. The actual term "Galatune", also known as "The Supreme Score", refers to the central concept behind the long-held creationist myth of the Lyrics. According to Lyric culture, before the universe came into existence, only the Composer existed. The Composer is said to be an infinite perfect consciousness from which all else came into being. The story goes that at some point before time began, the Composer created Galatune, a mythical music score, to guide the destiny of all creation from its beginning (known as the Prelude) to its ultimate end (known as the Finale). After the composition of the Supreme Score, the Composer split himself into three parts: the Voice, the Song, and the Conductor. The Conductor would then guide the Voice, who empowered the Song, who breathed life into the Supreme Score, and created the universe. It is said that the Conductor, Voice, and Song continue working in harmony to this very day, playing the Galatune to guide the destiny of all reality. All living beings are said to be like instruments, each one guided, but never controlled by, the Supreme Score, with each one contributing their own piece towards the "Great Magnum Opus" (synonymous with "existence").

Music has held a revered place in Lyric culture since long before recorded history. In fact, the name "Lyric" relates to the belief that their people were the first beings created with the ability to sing. Planet Lyra is so named as to reflect that it is a sacred home to the first Lyrics of the Galatune. 


  • The name "Galatune" is a portmanteau of Galaxy and Tune, roughly meaning "Song of the Galaxy".
  • Galatune's name is very similar to the name of Sir Gawain's sword, Galatine; which was given to him by the Lady of the Lake. However, this was purely coincidental.
  • Though Galatune's name was not inspired by Galatine or the Arthurian legends, several characters and plot devices were.
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