Akimi is an enchanted Pumpkin creature from another dimension and plane of existence. Akimi was once an ordinary Pumpkin, growing in the Pumpkin Patch of a terrible sorceress. The sorceress relied on her Pumpkin Patch to grow materials for her potions and so she required a guardian to watch over and protect her materials. The sorceress brought a Scarecrow to life with a dark curse that enslaved his will and forced him into unquestionable servitude. The sorceress was cruel to the hard-working Scarecrow. Helpless, Akimi witnessed his suffering and desperately longed to ease his burdens. Over time, Akimi's compassion grew into an extraordinary love and by the power of this love alone, Akimi miraculously took the form of a young maiden. Now, Akimi works tirelessly to impress her Scarecrow senpai, she assists in guarding the Pumpkin Patch while secretly looking for a way to free him and break the sorceress's curse.



Weapons & Abilities


  • Akimi was the third Fan-Inspired Character to be revealed for Galatune.
  • Akimi was inspired by the mascot for Kabochacon, the first anime convention in Dayton Ohio. 
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