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The Aberration Index

The massive Abberation Index within the system and network.

 is a method, system and network created by the United World Government that is used for rating the relative threat levels of Notre and other dangerous beings. The Index is based on a measurement of each Notre's degree of physical mutation and the strength of each Notre Curse. The index begins at a power level of 1, indicating a Notre virtually identical to a normal Lyric or Human with no apparent signs of mutation or supernatural ability. The strongest known Notre is Notre Lux, an unfathomably powerful reality-warping Notre with an immeasurable index score well over 9000.

The System

The Aberration Index is an intricate code programmed within the World System. 

This complex system makes it nearly impossible to hack or deactivate the Index, as it is always operational and runs security redundancies in every World Judge and World Guard unit. The system continues to learn and adapt as it compiles it's information and continues to monitor and watch Notre throughout the world. Alerting the World Judges whenever one becomes a significant threat, or if they've located a new Notre.

Threat Tiers

Aberration Index ratings are organized into 7 threat tiers, describing the potential destructive power of each Notre.

  • 1-99 Unicorn: threat to social order
  • 100-199 Imp: threat to village
  • 200-499 Wyvern: threat to major city
  • 500-749 Demon: threat to multiple cities
  • 750-999 Seraph: threat to unspecified numerous lives
  • 1000-2999 Dragon: threat to all life on Lyra
  • 3000+ Deity: threat to reality itself

Known Notre & Aberration Index Levels

  • Notre Hearth (Terla Riversong): 12 (registered) 
  • Notre Aper: 88 (registered) 
  • Notre Herbae: 38 (registered)
  • Notre Spiritum: 69 (registered)
  • Dr. Jojo Li: 87 (speculated)
  • Notre Viz: 100 (registered)
  • Notre Lapis: 111 (registered)
  • Notre Cocoa: 122 (speculated)
  • Notre Virtus: 127 (speculated)
  • Notre Valkyrie (Calypso Harpsichord): 132 (registered)
  • Notre Pseudo (Tetrix Akuta): 140 (registered)
  • Notre Feratu 145 (registered)
  • Notre Cadent 203 (registered)
  • Notre Crystallo: 258 (registered)
  • Notre Fate (Yago Gwendi): 653 (registered)
  • Notre Ebony (see Imoogi): 2446 (registered)
  • Notre Witch: 3041 (registered)
  • Notre Lux: over 9000 (registered)
  • Notre Dame: way over 9000 (registered)


  • The Aberration Index draws inspiration from Akira Toriyama's Dragonball Z scouters which registered power levels and One and Yusuke Murata's One-Punch Man disaster levels.